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    Case Study

Case Study

Medical Malpractice Resulting in an $8.6 Million Verdict in New York County

A 46 year old woman presented a seven month old MRI report of her head to the defendant doctor (otolaryngologist / neurotologist). The MRI report indicates that the patient was positive for chronic sphenoid sinusitis.

The defendant doctor advised the patient that the MRI findings were “incidental” and that treatment for the condition was not necessary. The defendant doctor then began treating the patient for an unrelated condition, diagnosed by him, called otosclerosis. Treatment for this condition continued for the next two years. The patient underwent vestibular testing and was given prescription for medications which were commonly used in the treatment of osteoporosis.

Two years after the patient’s first consultation with the defendant doctor, she consulted with another otolaryngologist / neurotologist who sent her for a CT scan of the sinuses. The CT scan revealed extensive sphenoid sinusitis and the presence of a fungal ball in the sphenoid sinuses which warranted multiple surgeries.

The plaintiff maintained that if the defendant doctor had treated her for the sphenoid sinusitis when she first had her medical consultation with him two years earlier, her surgeries and injuries would have been avoided.